Short travel guide through Ukraine

Hello, everybody. Now I will try to explain in short how to travel through Ukraine, what transportation to use.

As you know, Ukraine is more or less big country, length from South to North is ~900 km, from East to West – ~1300 km and this country definitely is not possible to recognize by a holiday. As ill luck would have it’s most wonderful places are located in different areas: Kiev (capital city) – almost on the North, Lviv (beautiful city of ancient European architecture) – on the West, Odessa (just the best city in the world) – on the South on the Black Sea, Carpathians (beautiful mountains) – on the West again but even further away from Kiev then Lviv, Crimea (beautiful peninsula in the Black Sea) – on the South again but even further away from Kiev then Odessa.

So, as you see, to visit most interesting places of Ukraine we need to care about transportation. There are several available ways to travel through Ukraine: by plane, by train, by bus, by car. Now we will not talk about exotic transport like hitchhiking or teleportation… Maybe later….

If you are going to travel through Ukraine by plane, then take care about you purse. Tickets to plane cost incredibly a lot in Ukraine. And there is no low cost air company in Ukraine now.

Some more attractive looks travel around Ukraine by train. There are several types of train in Ukraine. One goes, for example from Kiev to Lviv, over night and passanger sleeps in own bed in cabin. Another one goes by day and passanger can only sit in chair. First type has 3 levels of price and convenience and is pretty good for travel because you do not need to spend money for accomodation. Second one is something like express train, but both they go by same rails, so it is not a much faster… But costs more then the overnight train. Not easy to understand? I will write more detailed later 🙂 But now I can say thet I’m always using cheapest train tickets when travel to ski resorts in Ukraine and I feel fine!

Car… Good routs in Ukraine are: 1) from Uzhgorod over Carpathians to Lviv 2) from Lviv to Kiev 3) from Kiev to Odessa 4) From Kiev to Kharkov 5) maybe from Kharkov to Donetsk, but I have not traveled by that roads for long time yet, so I am not sure. All the rest of roads are acceptable, but not too much good. I like very much to travel by own car, it takes several hours (~5) to come from Kiev to Lviv or from Kiev to Odessa. There are a lot of petrol stations around these roads, gasoline costs ~$1,5 per liter. Well known world car rent companies work in Ukraine, there is no problem to rent a car in main cities.

travel by bus is much cheaper, but more slow and not every time convinient. There are high quality bus companies like Autolux with new buses or low quality company with no name, with old buses. All buses use same Autobus stations. But good companies have separate respectable cash desk in station, all the rest use common regular cash desk.

Ukraine is fairly safe country, there is no dangerous animals or bandits. The biggest inconvenience travel in Ukraine, as I think, is the language barrier. Most people dont speak English. Or speak too bad. Me to. But most of them are friendly and will help you as far as possible. Me to. So, if you have any questions, ask them in comment to this material 🙂