Artistic museum (parochial church and belfry) 1672-1703

Church of the Holy Virgin Maria is a model of baroque religious architecture with some features of Renaissance. Builders perceived artistic perfection of the building in simplicity and laconic brevity.

F. Korassini and K. Benoe are the architects of the building.

Local church was transformed on collegiums by A. Pototsky in 1669, where a branch of the Krakiv academy started its activity. The archaeological researches confirmed presence of three crypts in basement rooms of the church, the burial place of representatives of Pototsky family and priesthoods. Representatives of the well known noble family Pototsky owners of the city-fortresses were buried in the central crypt of Stanislav collegiums, XVII-XVIII century. Such persons were buried here: Andrew Pototsky, a son of Stanislav Pototsky founder of Stanyslavov (died in 1691); his wife Anna from Rosinskyh family; their son Stanislav Galych senior; colonel of crown armies (perished in a battle with Turks near Vienna on September, 12, 1683). Nearby church, a bell tower was built in 1744, with a bell of more than 2 tons. In 1962 the church was closed by soviet government, and bell tower was destroyed (in 1963). According to old pictures and sketches it was entirely rebuilt during the reconstruction of square in 2000.

In 1980 an artistic museum was opened in the church, which counts more than fifteen thousand artistic works.

The museum is a treasury of fine and folk art of our territory. Its fund is represented by unique sights of Galych icon-painting and baroque sculpture, creative works of classics of West-Ukrainian pantin.


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