Autocephaly orthodox church, Protection cathedral (Armenian Church, costel) 1742-1762

While Armenians came to the city in 60-th of the XVII century, they immediately started to build a wooden church. At the beginning of the XVIII century in perfectly drawn icon of the Virgin Maria, teardrops began falling from her eyes. At the same day divine service had started in the presence of big gathering of people, which lasted 44 hours. The copy of this icon is kept in the church, and the original icon is removed to Poland in 1944, now it is situated in Petropaviovsk cathedral in the Gdansk city.

On the initiative of stanyslav Armenian congregation, a stone building of majestic temple was built in honor of wonder-working icon. On its extend-expense composition it is typical model of mature baroque.

Inner part of the cathedral is richly embellished by paintings and sculptural works. The painter Yan Soletsky made a gallery of 14 very beautiful large columns, with figures and wonderful frescos on the walls that are fit in cornice of central altar and transept. Whole sculpture is polychrome, carved from wood, covered by levkas and paint, and then gilded. Altar slab Hachkar made in Armenian style is attracting attention in the centre of the altar.

It belongs to Ukrainian autocephaly Orthodox Church.

Address: 6, Armenian St.