Greco-Catholic cathedral of Saint Resurrection of Christ, (Jesuit church) 1753-1763

The monks of Jesuits order built their church in Stanyslavov, which is the creation of Austro-Bavarian baroque school; it has clear composition of basic sizes, proportion, strict order and restraint plastic wall processing, where some features of classicism could be seen. The silhouette of the main facade is well proportioned and complemented by two towers with hipped roof completions, forms of which are borrowed from hutsyl wooden architecture. Rich decor of interior is complemented by baroque sculpture of the main altar, where the figures of angels, saints and apostles are placed.

In 1720 the building of primary Jesuit church in the city was started, and finished in 1729 in this year the first divine service took place here. Technical mistakes during building of the church lead to appearing of splits, which threatened both to building and to parish. Because of this, in February, 1752 the church was disassembled. Researches consider that not too deep foundations of the church reasoned on unsatisfactory technical condition; it could not sustain heaviness of the whole building. Consequently, the church was palled down to the foundation. In 1763 new building was completed.

Present building of the cathedral is called Saint Resurrection Church, which was the main Ukrainian church of Stanyslavov from the beginning of its existence; and which was already built in village Zabolottia in 1601 on a place of today’s synagogue.

The Temple was registered in 1835; 1885 and in 1995.

In 1849 it was passed to Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church; there is a five-tier iconostasis in the temple.

Address: Public Square of the metropolitan Andreia Sheptytskoho, 22.