Monument to Adam Mitskevych, 1898

At the end of the XIX century community of Stanyslavov widely celebrated a centenary from the day of birth of the greatest Polish poet Adam Mitskevych (1798-1855). It was planned to build a monument in the city on this case. A special organizing committee was created; and a collection of whip-rounds was announced. Also, a special competition was held, where a Krakiw sculptor T. Blotnytsky won. At first, it was planned to realize his project in Krakiw, but Austrian government didn’t allow it. Then it was decided to set a monument in Stanyslavov.

A sculptor represented a poet with a book in his hands in the minute of inspiration. The original figure was cut out from rosy Italian marble, weighed 8 tons and had 2,31 meters height. The grand opening of the monument was on 20th of November, 1898 in the presence of big gathering of people.

In 1919 the monument was damaged, and that is why in 1930 it was transferred into a bronze; also the form of pedestal was simplified and the place of location was changed a little. In such appearance the monument is saved by now on the public square, which is named after the great poet.

Address: Mitskevych Public Square.