Regional museum of local lore (City Hall) 1929-1935

Primary building of a City Hall was built in a style of late Renaissance in 1672; it had the appearance of nine-stored round tower with stone foundation. It was rebuilt in 1695-1870 years.

In the XVIII century the underground cave of the City Hall served as the place of imprisonment of opryshky (revolutionary fighters for independence ofUkraine).

During the First World War it received considerable destructions. A City Hall acquired a cruciform shape after reconstructions in 1929-1935 (architect S. Trel’) and saved this form up to now. It is a tower of 49,5 meters high, which rises from the cruciform foundation. A peculiar dome covers the tower, it reminds a military helmet covered by gilt and it is a unique civil building in Europe with such coverage.

On April, 15, 1990 Ukrainian national flag was raised on the City Hall. Nowadays, it is regional museum of local lore.

A museum was founded in 1939 on the basis of collections of Pokutskyi museum and museum of Gutsylshchuny in Zhabie. Museum owns more than 105 thousand of museum exhibits. Annually, about 100 thousand people visit museum. It consists of such departments as: historical, natural and folk art. The department of modern art demonstrates development of arts and crafts, namely: artistic handling of tree, weaving, embroidery, artistic processing of leather, ceramics. Annually, regional museum organizes 15-20 exhibitions on historical and artistic themes.

Address: 4a, GalytskaSt. tel. 2-21-22.