Regional Musical Philharmonic Society, (theater), 1891

In 1870-th a Public Square was formed, which was named after Mitskevych, it saved the original name by now. At first, a theatre of 5. Monyushko Music Society was built here, which had big influence on the history and culture of Ukrainians.

A competition was announced for the best project. The first prize was awarded to some engineer V. Milkovsky. It was turned out during the opening ceremonial of the theater on November, 29, 1891 that V. Milkovsky is a pseudonym of the engineer Y. Lapitskyi, who was presented by gold ring from grateful citizens. At that time a theater looked a bit in another way. Modern appearance is from 30 years of XX century. On its stage in 1905 performed theater “Ruska besida” (Ukrainian conversation) under direction of famous Ukrainian producer and actor M. Sadovskyi (1856-1933), who played in drama I. Karpenko-Karyi „Burlaka”1. In staging of the play „Naimychka” an audience saw famous M. Zin’kovetska. In 1 928 an audience had a great opportunity to listen songs and romances in performance of genius opera singer with world-wide name S. Krushelnytska. In 1939 music-drama I. Franko Theater was placed here.

In 1980 I. Franko music-drama Theater received new placement, and from this time and presently here is situated Regional Philharmonic Society.

Address: LesiaKurbasaSt., 3