Bukovel or Dragobrat

There are many criteria by which tourists choose one or the other ski resort. The slopes, lifts, prices, service, convenience, porch, image and so on. What to put in the first place, everyone decides on their own. The question “Why Dragobrat?” Two young skiers who have the lift sup mulled wine from plastic cups, answered briefly: “Because there is great!”

Someone said that it is difficult to compare things that are in principle amenable to comparison difficult. Trinity Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavske represent the vanguard of the Ukrainian ski resorts. Each of the big three has its own history and his entourage. Let’s try to compare Bukovel and Dragobrat.

A general comparison. Bukovel can be compared with a large anthill. Tranquility of the mountains tract Dragobrat fascinating. In the mountains Bukovel adjust to you, Dragobrat forcing skiers to always be cautious.

Geographic features. And Bukovel and Dragobrat are in the Transcarpathian region, but the weather and geographical conditions vary considerably. Bukovel is in the lower region, and better protected from cold winds. Dragobrat most Carpathian mountain resort and it is rarely a problem with snowmaking trass. At a time when the snow Bukovel inflate gun on Dragobrat is 2-3 meters of snow.

Directions. The road from the highway to Bukovel (approximately 10 km) managed to be beaten in a short enough period of its existence, that pleases the few car owners with low-slung, but in comparison with Dragobrat – a fairy tale. At its transport there poapst almost impossible if you do not of course the Urals or UAZ.

The road. Quantity and quality of the lifts and the level of reserves snowcat Bukovel Dragobrat far beyond the horizon. But at the same time, fans of off-piste and virgin lands will not have the time to choose a resort. Here Dragobrat out of competition.

The price. In a crisis, a very important factor is price. Again Bukovel unequivocal leader (in the sense – the most expensive!) Although we must pay tribute, that is not particularly Dragobrat behind him. If the people of the coast are doing business in the summer, the main peak for the Carpathians – winter, all seasons, all natural. Prices are rising for everything: shelter, food, transportation.

You choose, and no wonder if the choice falls on the neighboring Slovakia and Zakopane, but the one who has ever seen a winter fairy tale will want to return to the Carpathians.