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Uzhhorod – center of the Transcarpathian region, the lowest among the regional centers of Ukraine city located on the banks of the river Uzh.

The first written mention of the town is known Hungarian chronicles 872 years. Uzhhorod Castle has long had a good building, which stood in the way of the enemies in the XI century .

At the time of Kievan Rus Uzhgorod was hereditary possession of the Hungarian kings , which since 1323 (and almost to the end of XVII c.) Became the property of the feudal Drugets . They built a castle (XIV c.) , Which is now available exposure Regional Museum and Art Gallery. But the oldest building in Uzhgorod considered Goryanskaya rotunda church (XII century. ), In which fragments of unique frescoes, executed in 1370- 1360 ‘s.

From the XVIII century. to this day in the old building have been preserved Uzhgorod zhupanatu ( Zupa – an administrative unit of Hungary since XIII c.) , built in 1766 p., and several places of worship, among which the most interesting is the Jesuit Church and College building after significant restructuring ( 1780.1878 ) converted into a cathedral and episcopal cathedral Hrestozdvyzhenskyy residence.