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The emergence of a large city and the center of Zaporozhye region – Zaporozhye associated with the construction in the 1770s Dnieper defensive line extending between the valleys of the rivers Dnieper and Byrd.

It began with an Alexander fortress on the bank of the Dnieper, which grew around the settlement received town status in 1806 (1921 – Zaporozhye). Defining event in the history of Zaporozhye was the start of construction in 1927 DniproHES. Energy drink company must Dnieper Dnieper region, and Kryvorizhzhya Donbass, and created a reservoir – eradicate the Dnieper rapids and open the navigation of the main waterway of Ukraine.

Dnieper rapids, represented outcrops of crystalline rocks of the Ukrainian shield between cities Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, known since time immemorial. Rapids section had a length of over 65 km, half a kilometer wide and 30-meter vertical drop overall. Outputs granites formed ridges (proper thresholds) that crossed the Dnieper. Only after the construction of the Dnieper in 1932 provided the conditions of free navigation on this section of the Dnieper. On natural obstacles except that now resembles geological reserve “Dnipro rapids” (1974) with an area of ??13.83 km2.