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Chernihiv – one of the oldest cities on the bank of the Desna – known to the annals for 907. After the formation of the Chernigov principality (1024 ) in building one of the oldest temples of Kievan Rus – Transfiguration Cathedral, which became the burial place of Chernigov princes.


Subsequently there Eletskii (1076 ) and Trinity (1069 ) built monasteries and Friday church (XII century.) . After the destruction of Chernigov Mongols in 1239 p. city ??decline , and only at the end of XV century. Eletskii monastery rebuilt and restored Assumption Cathedral. 1534 on Desna appears Fortress, which now embody twelve cannon bastion shaft Detinets .

Since 1618 Chernigov passed under the power of the Commonwealth , for five years making the Magdeburg Law. Restored Trinity Monastery (1649 ), where the reconstructed Elias Church (1069 ) and face new administration denska Church ( 1677) , Holy Trinity Cathedral ( 1695) and 58 -meter bell tower (1775 ).

Under the rule of Muscovy in the late XVII century. Chernihiv became one of the largest cities in the Ukrainian Left Bank. With secular buildings are the days present regimental office buildings (XVII c. , J. Lyzohub house ) and Little Russia Collegium ( 1700) , and among the religious – Catherine’s Church (1715 ). Since 1782 Chernihiv – Centre province, and from 1802 – province. In the old town there are numerous structures XVIII-XIX centuries. , Making Chernigov northern tourist center.