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Bukovel – is the newest, most modern, largest, most expensive and most stylish among the ski resorts of Ukraine. Bukovel is considered to be if not the best, then one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian ski resort Bukovel built in the year 2008. To date, the total length of slopes of different difficulty levels – about 50 km. The ski resort Bukovel has 14 ski lifts. The location of trails and lifts are designed so that you can easily move from one slope to another at Bukovel. The ski slopes are situated on three hills: Bukovel – 1127 m, Black Kleva – 1246 m, Dovga – 1372 m. Trails have grass cover at base and protected from direct sunlight. The basic infrastructure of the resort Bukovel lays at an altitude of 900 m. above sea level, surrounded on all sides of the tract, so there reigns a special microclimate that allows snow to lie longer than in other places. In addition, if necessary, special snow-guns generate artificial snow for the ski trails of Bukovel and snowcat constantly “iron”slops. Trails are equipped with modern lighting system that allows you to ride on Bukovel at night (and this is a big advantage, because in winter we have dark early!).

If we compare with foreign ski resorts, the Bukovel in natural conditions similar to the Austrian Kaprun. More precisely, at the bottom of his ski area – Maiskegel. Specify this point, since the upper ski area Kaprun – Kitzsteinhorn glacier, slipping from a height of 3000 m. It is clear that is nothing like this in the Ukrainian Carpathians there. Bukovel and Kaprun are similar by elevations (900-1500 m), Bukovel in the same general direction the infrastructure. Yes, tere in Kaprun are 5 times bigger  length of lines, weight lifters and even a tunnel through which skiers drive up to the glacier. But the age of Kaprun is much more than Bukovel.

In addition, in the vicinity of Bukovel constantly being built private estates of different levels of service that creates an alternative to expensive housing price resort to more cost-tourists wishing to enjoy skiing on the slopes of Bukovel. With the surrounding settlements established an uninterrupted transport links buses and minibuses from Yaremche with the ability to travel to Ivano-Frankivsk and other oblastryh centers.

Distance from Bukovel to Yaremche – 30 km (there is the nearest bus station, railway station and local highway), and to the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, -110 km. (the bus station, a large railway station, airport).


Ski Resort Bukovel is the largest and most popular ski resort in Ukraine. It is designed basing on the European ski resorts projects, with modern hotels, SPA-complexes and restaurants. Today Bukovel has ski slopes of all difficulty levels (the longest track – 2106 m, the total length of tracks – 50 km).

There are good roads, convenient elevators and a well-developed infrastructure around Bukovel. From  December to late April there remains a good snow cover there at Bukovel. Even if the weather let you down, then come to the aid of numerous snow guns and snowcat.

Bukovel – the youngest of major ski resorts in Ukraine. Bukovel, no doubt, is the best ski resort in Ukraine.


Bukovel is located at 860-890 m above sea level between the three mountains: Dovga (1372 m), Chorna Kleva (1246 m) and Bukovel (1127 m).


Distances from biggest cities located artound around Bukovel to ski resort Bukovel are:
Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel – 110km
Lviv – Bukovel – 245km
Ternopil – Bukovel – 250km
Chernivtsi – Bukovel – 160 km

If you travel by air plane, the best way to reach Bukovel ski resort is like this. First of all, you should reach Ivano-Frankivsk airoport. To reach Bukovel ski resort from Ivano-Frankivsk (110 km) you should travel via Nadvirna and Yaremche towns and then go to Mykulychyn and Tatariv villages.

If you travel by car, then your route depends of where are you coming from. I would not say that any of the highways leading to Bukovel is much better than the rest. Just look at map. Rout from Chop to Stryi is more or less new and has good shape. All other rouds around are almost same average quality.

Nearest to Bukovel reilway station is Ivano-Frankivsk. In winter, exists direct connection between stations of Kiev and Vorokhta. But only in winter. Vorokhta located much closest to Bukovel then Ivano-Frankivsk.


Stay on ski resort Bukovel provide several hotels located in close proximity to the lifts. The price level in them is quite high.
Average price of economy class double (common convenience) will be around 500 UAH. For double with private facilities – 700 UAH.

Many people who want enjoy skiing at Bukovel prefer to rent housing in surrounding villages like Yaremcha, Mykulichin, Tatariv etc .

The level of prices, cost of living around Bukovel:
From 100 UAH / night per person.

Ski Slopes

Bukovel has 61 tracks:
– 12 blue (for beginners)
– 41 red (medium difficulty)
– 8 black (for professionals)

The total length of tracks at Bukovel ski resort is about 50 miles (all of them are equiped with snow-gun).
Longest slope 5G length is 2106 meters

There is also a route for the mogul at Bukovekl on the side of highway 1A and 2 giant slalom – on the side of 8A and 5A. All trails are well maintained and linked together.

Types of lifts:

14 lifts:
– 11 seats (4-bed)
– 1 chair (3 bed)
– 1 chair (2 persons)
– 1 rope tow
There is also a loader for beginners and children.

Queue to lifts:
up to 10 minutes mostly on weekend

The cost of lifts:
from 290 UAH per day

The cost of rental ski / snowboard:
60 UAH for 1 day / 60 UAH for 1 day

Night skiing:
Working hours (lifts № 1R, 2R):
– From 16:30 to 19:30
– 1 lift – from 26 UAH.
– 10 lifts – from 136 UAH.


First-aid medical care: available. All season ticket holders are insured.

Rental of ski equipment:
There are five rental shops, using the world’s ski leading equipment companies, updating annually.
Working hours – daily from 8:45 to 17:00, shop 1 – 20:00.

Rent shops located in the lower station № 1, № 2, № 5 and № 7. Equipped with baggage room , locker rooms, showers, toilets, ski-service centers.

– snowblades
– helmets
– cross-country skiing
– skiing
– snowboards
– snoutubes
– snoumobils (double, capacity 45 cc)

– Skiing equipment – from 60 UAH / day
– Snowboard equipment – from 60 UAH / dey

Ski School / School of Snowboarding:
On the territory of Bukovel are three training schools skiers and snowboarders:
– Ski school № 1 “Bukovel,” head coach – Julia Klyukova
– Proffesional Ski & Snowboard School
– Vip Ski School, Head Coach – Buckeye Andrei Gavrilyuk Nazary

The cost of individual lessons with an instructor – 180 UAH / hour.

Operate all mobile operators. Wi-Fi works a central part of the resort and in hotel rooms of Bukovel. Payment -by card radiospot Ukrtelecom.

Petrol stations: the nearest petrol station located at 18 km from the ski resort in the village Tatarov.

Free parking:
– Covered with 1000 seats
– Open for 2000 seats


After-ski evening entertainment: night club, destaurants, saunas, karaoke, spa complex, fitness center.

More snow fun: snowmobiling, ski helicopter tours, ice skating, hockey, snow park for jibbing, attraction big-airbag, giant slalom, mogul, snow tubing.

Extreme festivals:
– Bukovel Jib Contest 2010 (jibbing competitions, participation is open to all interested skiers and snorubordisty age of 16 years)
– Bukovel Cup (open championship downhill ski enthusiasts and veterans)

For children: snow tubing, children’s play club, children’s ski hill, playgrounds, amusement park.


Сafes, restaurants price level: large selection of restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, kolybas on campus and in hotels. Average price of main course – from 60 UAH.

Food on the mountain: panoramic bars located on the tops of three mountains:
– Bukovel – the height of 1127m., mountain lift 2
– Dovga – elevation 1372 m, mountain lift № 12
– Babyn Pohar – elevation 1180 m, mountain lift № 14

What’s new?

Opened a new eight-kilometer road from the village Yablonitsa. Until now, the “Bukovel” carried only one way – through the village Polanica. This season on Bukovel basically we are working on improving existing facilities, especially in terms of security. Put into operation the first 3 levels of the new parking lot, the new track’s giant slalom on the slopes and 5A track mogul. A new restaurant – “Kaiser”.