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Nikolaev – the largest city and the administrative center of the region – situated on the banks of the Bug estuary at the confluence of the rivers he Inhul.

In the summer of 1788 by order of the governor-general of the Novorossiysk Territory GA Potemkin at the mouth Inhul laid breech shipyards , which in the year named in honor of the patron of sailors of St. Nicholas. Then lasted another Russo -Turkish War , so there was an urgent need for warships to the Black Sea Fleet of the young empire.

From the time of initiation of Nikolaev preserved house of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet – now the Museum of the History of Shipbuilding and Fleet (1794) , the gate and walls of the shipyard (1848), Old- navy barracks and building naval school ( 1850). To the west of the shipyard where Inhul connected to the water surface estuary, were civilian suburbs – a modern community center of Nikolaev. Traditionally, a large port city in southern Ukraine, there is a cozy boulevard , in the absence of the sea named Bunker , not Primorsky . Boulevard, with enchanting views of the city at the mouth wide and Inhul Bug estuary , garnish Vice Admiral Stepan Makarov (1976) and old guns , reminiscent of the heroic military past of the city .

1790 local stocks launched the first 44 -gun frigate “St. Nicholas “, and in 1794 – the flagship of the fleet “St. Paul .” Nikolaev grew rapidly, and was built in 1820 -ies belonged to the most important cities in the south of the Russian Empire. During the Crimean War, 1853-1856 pp. the city was the main base of the Black Sea Fleet, the peninsula on which sent troops , weapons and provisions.

In regularly -planned central part of Nikolaev saved many administrative , religious and residential buildings, built in the XIX century. Among them include the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( 1800) and St. Nicholas Church (1817 ), home astronomichnoyi Observatory ( 1821), officers ‘ meetings (1824 ) and a girls’ school (1892) , the German Evangelical Lutheran Church (1848 ) and the church, Vodohinna Tower and more.