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Ukraine’s industrial giant, Dnepropetrovsk (or DP) is associated with missiles, metallurgical plants and President Leonid Kuchma, being his home town. However, DP is more than a polluted industrial town – its central boulevard Karla Marksa is as green as any European avenue, and the view of the river Dnepr is memorable.


Dnepropetrovsk restaurants

There are many restaurants and clubs in Dnepropetrovsk, but only some of them are really worth a visit – the DP restaurant scene is not that developed yet.

Reataurant Bartolomeo Dnepropetrovsk

Naberezhnaya Pobedy, 9-b
Phone: 370-15-00

Restaurant Bartolomeo Dnepropetrovsk

Named after Bartolomeo Diaz the explorer, the creative club reflects the epoch of Great Discoveries in its interior and also offers other services from a yacht club to guest bungalows on the river Dnepr. The interior is a throwback to the South Africa of the 15-th century, while the menu offers cuisines from the classic to the exotic. Arguably the best in the whole of Dnepropetrovsk, the wine list offers 430 elite vintages, and an average a la carte dinner will set you back USD 50.