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Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr oblast administrative center, located on a rocky left bank of the river Grouse was approved center of Volyn in 1804 The first written mention of the village dates back to 1305

Its largest building in the XVI-XVII centuries. was a wooden fortress on the bank near the mouth of the Kamenka river around which the city and formed. The oldest building is modern Zhytomyr cells Jesuit monastery (1724), and the most visible Christian places of worship – the cathedral: Catholic Church of St. Sophia (1751) and the Orthodox Holy Transfiguration Cathedral (1874). Among the secular buildings of architectural monuments belong to the magistrate’s house (XVIII c.), A complex of buildings postal station and Bishop’s Palace (XIX c.). The oldest monument erected Zhytomyr Alexander Pushkin 1899 p., And among the many monuments of the past century features significant monument dedicated to the natives of the city – the creator of the Soviet rocket Academician Sergei Korolev.