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The capital of the region, Rivne city lies on the banks of the river near the mouths of its confluence with the Gorin .

1461 Rivne , Volyn prince bought S. Nesvitskiy after his death (1479) his widow called himself M. Rovno . According to her, one of the river islands appeared castle and the estate was soon granted Magdeburg rights . March 1518 the city had Ostroz’ki magnates , whose domination lasted for over a century. In 1723 Rivne was Princes Lubomirski and became their residence.

From the 1793 level is the county town of Volyn province, and later – the province (1797 ). Few local architectural heritage before the Revolution consists of three iconic buildings and one secular . The oldest building in the city – wooden Greek Catholic Holy Assumption Church ( 1756) famous ” chain of moral foundations ” which prykovuvalysya dishonest parishioners for public atonement of sins. Holy Resurrection Cathedral (1895 ), which in Soviet times was used as a museum of atheism in the years of independence divided between the two branches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Only survived the war very impressive Catholic building is now a concert hall. Exposure regional museum expanded in the house where the second half of XIX century. contained Rivne gymnasium.