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Sumy – the youngest city to the regional centers north – lie on the banks of the river Psyol.

It was founded in 1652 immigrants from the Right-Bank Ukraine , and a few years in the mouth of the bag was made of oak forest fortress. Amounts over a century was the center of the eponymous Cossack regiment, and the only surviving monument of architecture of the time is the Resurrection Church (1702 ) with completed later ( 1906) the bell tower .

Since 1780, more than half a century amounts were county town Sloboda- Ukrainian governorship and Kharkov province. Home orthodox structure of the city – Transfiguration Cathedral (1788) of 56 -meter bell tower. Softly blend it several styles , marble cladding, malachite magnificent iconostasis and paintings allow you to include a temple to the category of unique religious buildings in Ukraine. Iconic architectural palette Sum complement Elias Church ( 1851) , an extremely spectacular Trinity Church (1914 ) and others. Then built a number of administrative and residential buildings that still remain ornament downtown.