Ski Resorts of Ukraine

Welcome to Ski Resort Of Ukraine page! It is unlikely that Ukraine comes to mind first when talking about ski resorts. But Ukraine has the necessary natural conditions for the development of the ski entertainment. The height of the Carpathian Mountains reaches 2061 m. above sea level and the highest mountain in Crimea, better known as a seaside resort, – 1495 meters.

In recent years, Ukraine has intensified construction of ski resorts in the Carpathians. The newest complex – Bukovel – meets the latest requirements. At least, according to the experienced traveler, Bukovel is much better than the well-known Polish Zakopane.

Ski resorts in Ukraine are different: Dragobrat is most high and extreme ukrainian ski resort, Bukovel – most comfortable and glamour, Slavske – most democratic, Tisovets – most “soviet”.

Every skier can now choose the ski resort in Ukraine of his choice. And we will do our best to give you most fresh and full information about ukrainian ski resorts.

This page is dedicated to the ski resorts of Ukraine. We collect here all the necessary information about the main ski resorts in Ukraine: Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavske, Tisovec, Izki, Krasia, etc.

Here you will find useful information about the main ski resorts in Ukraine: the location and description of routes, travel options, accommodation, news and features.

It is also planned to place basic information about the country of Ukraine: the people, traditions, climate, prices, and in all that is useful to know foreign tourists to visit the ski resorts of Ukraine.

Ski Resort Bukovel is the largest and most popular ski resort in Ukraine. Bukovel is located at 860-890 m above sea level between the three mountains: Dovga (1372 m), Chorna Kleva (1246 m) and Bukovel (1127 m). Bukovel – the malt from the major ski resorts in Ukraine. Read more…

Tourist complex Dragobrat is the highest ski resort in Ukraine. Often mistakenly believe that Dragobrat is name of a mountain. In fact, Dragobrat is the name of the tract and also mountain meadow (colled by ukrainians polonyna). We’re talking about Dragobrat as a ski holiday complex or ski resort. Read more…

Slavske is one of the most popular and oldest ski resorts in Ukraine. The first lifts in Slavske were built in the 30s of last century. Slavske is located relatively close to the largest city in Western Ukraine – Lviv. Read more…

Kiev Protasov Yar
For skiers with experience I will not open secret, of course… But for the beginner ski lovers may be interested to know that in the city of Kiev, almost in the heart, there are good opportunities to go skiing. Read more…

Dnieper is so high that it seems that the universe itself wants to arrange a ski slope here for thouse inhabitants of Kiev and Kiev surroundings, who are suffering extreme. Read more…

Tysovets – is one of the ski resorts in the Carpathians, the sports facilities of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and a place where getting ready to compete in winter sports Olympic team of Ukraine. Read more…