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Lutsk – one of the oldest cities of Ukraine and the historical center of Volyn and modern center of Volyn region – situated on the banks of the River Stir . The first mention of Luchesk (founded in the bend of the river , from which came the name ) in 1085 shows that even then he was building and was large enough craft and commercial center of Kievan Rus.

After joining Volyn the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the middle of XIV century. Lutsk became the seat of its southern lords and the last capital of Galicia- Volyn principality. At the suggestion of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund in 1429 Lutsk chosen venue for grand -scale congress of monarchs of European countries. They discussed the defense of Europe against the encroachments of the Ottoman Empire and the newly formed association of the Western (Catholic) and Eastern (Orthodox) churches. In the XIV-XVIII centuries. formed the architectural ensemble of the city that numerous defects and transformation preserved to this day . Memorable architecture capital of Volyn in 1985 merged into the history Rico and Cultural Reserve ” Old Town “. The dominant group is the oldest fortification architecture monument of the city – Upper Castle planted last prince of Galicia- Volyn land Lubart 1340-1384 pp. Preserved three large towers of the castle: Entrance ( of Westminster ) Styr ( Svydrygailo ) and Vladych , connected by a 230- met- rovym high wall.

Between the entry and Styr towers in place of the princely palace ( which existed at the beginning of XV c.) Is ” Gentry ” house ( 1789) with an exhibition of Lutsk Art Gallery Museum. In Vladych tower , near which stood the palace of the bishop , bishops , from which its name has gone on display exhibits bells at Entrance – exhibition building ceramics.

Go to the top of the castle belonged fourfold greater Okilnyy castle which housed the prince and noble courts . Here, after the Union of Brest in 1596 founded their monasteries from many Catholic orders . The monastery of the Jesuits was traditionally the most famous in a higher educational institution with a rich library of old books and student theater, their magnificent Church of St. Peter and Paul , built in 1639 p., Later received the status of a cathedral , and now is the main Catholic church in Volyn.

Of the eight towers Okilnoho castle remained only one – Princes Czartoryski – and fragments of walls (XV c.) . Locking between the ditch and the river located commercial and craft districts that are , in fact, formed a city that has been legally separated from the castle – had its own government ( council ). In the old city remained to this day separate buildings Basilian Monastery (1647 ) and the Trinitarians (1729 ) and the main Orthodox church in Lutsk – Cathedral of Holy Trinity Cathedral at the end of XIX century. transformed the church, confiscated in the Bernardine Monastery (1752 ).

In the next area , which is a Polish style called ” Zhydivschynoyu ” Jews lived , which , together with the Karaites were invited to the city during the reign of Vytautas (XV c.) For the development of crafts and trade. Preserved main Synagogue of Lutsk (1629 ) defense of such completed before the prayer hall tower, by which it is sometimes called ” Little Castle “.

The current Luck, at least its central part is nice to visit and cozy at the same time the business city of the country.