The best ski resort in Ukraine should be the best in everything: ski slops, lifts, infrastructure, etc.

Certainly, in our digital times, the best resort should outperform all competitors in terms of equipment and Web cameras.

Webcam on slop 2A of ski resorts Bukovel – broadcast in real time

We must pay tribute to the administration Bukovel: as web cameras, then they are the best of ukrainian ski resorts

What is a Web Camera

If someone still does not know what the webcam – it’s video or photo camera, which is located at some interesting place, for example, the ski slopes of Bukovel ski resort, connected to the Internet, and through which you can at any time see what’s going on Bukovel at the moment.

What is the difference of webcams of Bukovel

Unlike all the other ski resorts in Ukraine, Bukovel has a lot of web cameras. They are different (there is a webcam, photo messaging, which is updated periodically, and have the video in real time). The third difference – they work on Bukovel year round, while in many ski slopes webcams include only if it snowed. And even then not always.

Where are placed the webcams to Bukovel

Webcams in Bukovel placed in the most interesting places. Video webcams are located on three slopes above the lake, on the playground. Photos Webcams at Bukovel located on the upper lift station, over residential areas, near the lake and over the playground.

How do webcam Bukovel work

Photos webcam working as a camera, they occasionally form an image, which can be viewed via the web. That is, between the images might have something interesting to happen, but the shot did not hit and no one will see it. But video-webcam works like the TV live broadcast. Everything that happens in Bukovel in the field of view video webcams, displayed on the monitors of the listener. What is particularly nice – Webcams at Bukovel open all year round.