Bila Tserkva District

Bila Tserkva

Bila Tserkva sightseeing

Bila Tserkva is famous for numerous architectural sites: St Michael’s church, built in 1706, architectural sites of Oleksandria dendropark, Holy Transfiguration cathedral, St Mary Magdalene church, Roman-Catholic cathedral, and market stalls. Read more…

The ruins of the seventeenth century castle are located in the village of Mazepyntsi, twelve kilometers to the north from Bila Tserkva. The village was then called «A Hamlet on Kamianka», which in 1616 already belonged to Mykola Mazepa-Koledyns’kyi. With the course of time the village was named after its owner. Some historians believe that Het’man Ivan Mazepa was born at that very place.

There is an archeological monument — a nomadic burial ground of the tenth-twelfth century, located at the site, where the Skvyra flows into the Ros’ river in the village of Yablunivka. Those nomads served the Kyiv prince and defended the border in Porossia.

Uzyn, the town of district subordination is a world known place because it is the birthplace of Pavlo Popovych, the second cosmonaut of the Earth. His fellow countrymen erected a bust to the hero, and now the monument to the cosmonaut stands in the center of the town.

Near the village of Shkarivka, located on the right bank of the Ros’ river remains of a Trypillia settlements were found.

The settlement of the first century В. С can be seen nearby in the village of Kozhenyky.