Makariv district

Makariv, the township and at the same time the district center, is located in the western part of Kyiv region, on the banks of the Zdvyzh river (a tributary to the Teteriv). In the old times it was called Voronin. At the beginning of the second half of the sixteenth century the successors of the Lithuanian feudal lord Makar Ivashentsevych, who owned those lands, renamed Voronin into Makariv. The remains of the former castle are preserved here, and there were traces of stone buildings noticeable in it as early as the nineteenth century. The family of Makarevych built the castle in the sixteenth century. It was protected by the Zdvyzh river from the south, and from the north — by the deep moat, filled with water, as well as high rampart with the palisade on it. In those times Makariv castle used to be the strongest fortress in Polissia. It is from here that the Polish gentry would make assaults on their neighbors and hide from the rage of the insurgent villagers.

In 1651 a son was born into the family of Makariv «sotnia» (company) commander, Sava Tuptal. That was a famous writer and cleric Danylo Tuptalo (Dmytro Rostovs’kyi), canonized by the Orthodox Church. Three books of Chet’i-Minei (Hagiography) and several poetic dramas came from his pen.

Since the most ancient times densely populated settlements were located in this area. Implements and remains of settlements that belong to the late Neolithic Age have been found near most villages, and the Serpent ramparts stretch through the district from the north to the south.

The historical past of the Makariv land was turbulent and hard. The repressions in the 30’s of the twentieth century are a black page in the district’s history. Only famine of 1933 took lives of almost 15,000 villagers.

Kyiv-Chop motorway runs through the district, and it seems like it separates it in two. Close to the motorway, but from the other side of Makariv, there lies the village of Kopylove. Owning to exuberant orchards the village is attractive in spring, in summer, and in autumn. During 1889— 1890 P. I. Chaikovs’kyi visited Kopylove twice.

«I liked Kopylove awfully», wrote the composer. Surprisingly the building that he stayed at still remains. The wooden walls of the two — story mansion were much damaged because the building was used «at a maximum capacity». During the war in 1943-1944 it housed a military hospital, and later, after the war — the branch of the Makariv Children Music School as well as some governmental organizations. And when the building was vacated in order to turn it into a museum, the complicated economical situation in the country did not allow for beginning its restoration. Currently the former estate is empty and that is why it gradually comes to ruin. But even in such a state it is worth attention because it presents a model of an wooden architecture. Come by and see it!

Looking over the parts of this picturesque land, do not set aside a little village of Yasnohorodka. A fascinating trip to an ostrich farm, which is one of the largest in Ukraine, is waiting for you. The ostriches, these exotic birds, are associated with Africa or some other tropical part of the world for most people. It is difficult to imagine an ostrich on the snow against a pine-tree background! But it does happen! During one-hour tour of the farm it is possible to observe all phases in the life cycle of this exotic bird, which strikes with its beauty and grandeur. Horse-back rides, tour of the zoo and children playground are also favorable for your rest. The Ostrich Valley inn, which is unique in Ukraine, as well as its masterly chef, will suggest for the true gourmets to try different exquisite dishes made from ostrich meat and eggs. The taste is unique and incomparable! Welcome!