Myronivsky district

Many citizens of our country associate the name of Myronivka with a famous wheat variety — «Myronivs’ka». Thus, owning to the specialists at the Wheat Institute, located in the village of Central’ne, Myronivka district became world known.

Myronivka is located in the Rosava river valley. The town name appeared in the first half of the seventeenth century and is connected with Myron Zelenyi, a Cossack from Poltava lands, who owned a hamlet. The Bronze Age mounds near the town are the evidence that this territory has been inhabited since the ancient times.

Myronivka residents actively participated in the national liberation truggle during 1648 — 1654; they manned the detachments of I. Bohun and M. Kryvonis. In the beginning of 1648 a military camp f Bohdan Khmel’nyts’kyi was located on the outskirts of Myronivka. On 24 February 1649 Khmel’nyts’kyi held talks with Polish King’s envoys at this place. From here, on 2 June 1654 he was writing a :tter to Tsar Oleksii, son of Michael, asking for help from the Russian troops.

The village of Rosava is located six kilometers from Myronivka, where the Rosavka river flows into the Rosava river, on Kyiv-Dnipropetrovs’k highway. The Bronze Age and Scythean mounds have been researched here. There are remains of a Kyiv Rus’ settlement in the Zaichus’k tract.

Malyi Bukryn holds the pride of place among villages of Nadniprians’koi Kyiv region that have a rich history. There are remains of a Kyiv Rus’ settlement dating back to the eleventh-twelfth centuries, interesting artifacts that reveal the history of our country.

The village was the center of Bukryn bridgehead during the Great Patriotic War.

Maslivka lies over a quiet Rosva river, sixteen kilometers from Myronivka along Kyiv-Kaniv highway. It is first mentioned in documentary sources under the year 1622 as Masliv Pond. With the course of time there appears the name «Masliv Ford». Cossacks used to gather on these lands in the first half of the seventeenth century while getting ready for the fight against Polish nobility troops. The Cossacks’ councils prior to the campaigns against Turks and Tatars took place here on 23 August 1630 and on 8 September 1632. Masliv Pond became the main camp for the troop of peasants and Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmel’nyts’kyi during Ukrainian Liberation War of 1648 — 1654 against the Polish gentry. A glade in Masliv forest, on which the main camp of the People’s Liberation Troop was laid, is still called «Khmel’nyk» in commemoration of those events.

Geographical names in this land are as poetical as they are unusual. If the tongue-twister «In the yard there is grass and on the grass there is firewood. Don’t chop firewood on the grass of the yard’, was used to improve pronunciation of almost all children, the one, consisting of the names of local villages «Shupyky, Tunyky, Byshiv, Moskalenky, Karapyshi, Pustovity, Rosava, Zelen’ky», is especially popular with Myronivka residents!

By the way, the village of Karapyshi, mentioned in the tongue-twister, is worth attention of travelers to these lands. Spacious and wide streets, squares, quite good dining facilities, and friendly villagers — all of it won it the reputation of a modern Ukrainian township! Singers from Kyiv are regular visitors here, because they find the true connoisseurs of their art! Arrange a trip to this village and you are not going to regret it!