Zgurivka district

Zgurovka district is the youngest in the Kyiv region. It was established in 1986. Its area is 763.1 км2, which makes 2.7% of region area.

The district center, the town of Zghurivka, once belonged to the family of Viazems’kyi. However, it had been transferred to the family of Kochubei as the dowry of Sophia Viazems’ka, who married Arkadii Kochubei, a participant of the Patriotic War of 1812, Kyn Vice-Governor (1830-1837), Governor of the town of Orel (1830-1837), Senator (since 1842), acting state advisor in the tsarisi Russia. Some facts indicate that it was him, who in 1837 founded a park in Zghurivka, and in its time that park competed with the most famous dendrological park Oleksandria in Bila Tserkva, but i1 has lost all former achievements over the last decades. Those who are fond of landscape architecture and dendrology can find a lot of interesting here.

While traveling in Zgurovka district, it is worthwhile making a stop and taking a walk along the park’s paths. By the order of A. V. Ko-chubei, the Swiss gardener planted rare trees around the palace to make a wonderful park, pavilions were built, and the bridges were thrown above the ponds. The estate was separated from the village by a ditch.

A tributary of Supoy, the Sea of Khyvria, was located in the center of the park. It was cleared out, deepened, and turned into ponds.

The creation of a park with many exotic species ran into difficulties and failures. Separate plants did not grow well, and some of them died.

After Arkadii had died, his son, Peter Kochubei, owned Zghurivka. He managed to enlarge the area of green plantations so I that it was him, who they began to consider the true creator of that green pearl.

Petro died in 1892 and was buried in the park, and in 1894 they buried his wife next to him.

A lot of precious plants died during 1968 — 1970 as the result of a flooding of the Sugar refinery dam, which had been built on the Supoi.

The palace was destroyed, and now there is a school at that site. The graves of Petro Kochubei and his wife still remain in the northern part of the park.