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Lugansk – the center and the largest city area – located on the banks of rivers and Luhanka Olkhovka . The date of establishment Lugansk considered 1795 p., When construction began foundry .

1800 the first blast furnace in Ukraine issued iron smelted from ore extracted close to Lisichanskom coal. But in 1850 -ies plant ceased operation. But in 1896 a German industrialist, founded the ” Russian Society building plants Hartmann ,” which began in Lugansk build Russia’s largest locomotive factory. For ten years he produced every fifth locomotive in the Empire , and the beginning of XX century. Lugansk turned into quite a major industrial center of southern Russia .

From the pre-revolutionary era in Lugansk survived several situated nearby apartment buildings that were built in the early XIX century. In one of them (now a museum) birthplace of the prominent scholar and writer dialectologists Vladimir Dahl – compiler ” Explanatory Dictionary of the Great Languages” ( 1863-1867 ).

During World War Lugansk was seriously damaged because its architectural appearance is largely formed in the postwar years, and absorbed all their characteristic traits of some correction in industrial character of the region.