Memorial of Young Eagles

The collapse of Austrian-Hungarian Empire caused the bloody military conflicts in Lvii between Ukrainians and Polish. These events went down into the history under the name «Lystopadovoho Chynu», and in Polish history under the name «Defense of Lviv».

Memorial of Young Eagles - sights of Lviv

Upon finishing the battles, the Polish government of Lviv adopted the resolution about exhumation of the lost bodies and reburying them on the chosen territory, located near by Lychakiv Cemetery on Pohulyanka side. In 1921 was announced the competition for the best project of Memorial Cemetery of Lviv Defenders. The project under the name &laqu0;White Rose» won. The author of the project, as was found out later, was the student of Lviv Polytechnic, the faculty of Architecture, Rudolf Indrukh (1894-1924), the participator of defensive battles for Lviv. Indrukh’s project differed from others by its original architectural composition, The project of Memorial he devoted to the memory of the lost heroes. The construction of the Memorial was finished up in 1939. It was the best example of military necropolis in Europe. 2859 defenders of Lviv have found their last placement here.