Vylkove in Odessa region often referred to as «Ukrainian Venice».

Vylkove - Ukrainian Venice

In fact Vylkove resembles Venice even less than Ukraine – Italy.

Vylkove - a town on the water

Vylkove founded by Old Believers – Russian Christians who have not perceived church reform in Russia in the XVII century. Fleeing from persecution, Old Believers settled literally «on the edge of the earth» – in the marshes in the Danube Delta, consisting entirely of islands separated by numerous channels.

Monument to the Old Believers in Vylkove

For many years, the main means of transportation in Vylkove were boats. But in today’s Vylkove laid roads as well. The most expensive home in Vylkove – having both road access and access by the channels.

Vylkove is famous due to strawberries and apples. It produces homemade wine from grapes exclusive – «a beginner». And residents of Vylkove learn a new direction – blank cane for export.

Harvesting of reeds in Vylkove

Reed imported from Europe are building environmental heat-saving roof.

Energy-efficient roof of reeds

And here, of course, go fishing. Herring batten into the sea, and to spawn goes into the Danube. That’s just three months fishing fed Vylkove many residents throughout the year.

The only non-drinking fisherman in Vylkove:
The only non-drinking fisherman in Vylkove

But in most stores Ukrainian Danube herring from Vylkove reason is not generally sold to a Norwegian. If you want to feast on the Danube, then you should definitely visit Vylkove.