For skiers with experience I will not open secret, of course… But for the beginner ski lovers may be interested to know that in the city of Kiev, almost in the heart, there are good opportunities to go skiing.

A full-featured ski slope with two runs, two rope tows, snow guns and a snowcat settled in Protasov Yar. There is also a rental equipment (skis and snowboards, as well as the accompanying ammunition – all at your disposal).

Ski slop Protasov Yar in downtown of Kiev
Ski slop Protasov Yar in downtown of Kiev

One run (the one that is located to the left) – a lower and flatter, more suitable for most beginners. Leads to it with double yoke “plates” that are inserted under the ass between the legs. The second descent (right) – much steeper and slightly higher. To it pulls the two-place bracket with T-shaped hook. On this road to the left (as viewed from above, closer to the lift) there are two interesting springboard (probably by chance formed themselves) with which is interesting to make mini-jumps.

Access to the ski slope is 7…10 hryvnia (price varies on weekdays and holidays). Basically, if you have your own equipment and do not feel too much lazy to walk to climb the mountain, it is the minimum amount you must pay. To use the lift must be on hand to take the ski-pass (this is a contactless plastic card that opens the entrance to the elevator for her bail – 10 UAH) and on the card itself must be put down payment, which will be deducted from the cost of raising each time you take advantage of them. If money is left on the card, it is necessary to replenish balans, otherwise the lift will not be allowed. But the balance and deposit for the card will be refund you back when you return card, when dash enough. Price rise at the weekend – 10 UAH for a long and 9 UAH for a short clip. On weekdays – it is cheaper. In the morning (from 10 to 15 a.m.) – even less. Can not remember exactly, but sort of from 3.5 UAH.

If you do not have your ski equipment, it also can be rented on site. The cost of a ski package – 100 UAH for 2 hours at the weekend. Each additional hour – 40 UAH. Again, on weekdays and in the morning – it is cheaper. Snowboarding is a bit expensive, if not mistaken – 120 UAH.

Unlimit to lift only at night skiing – from midnight to 4 a.m. – 150 UAH.

Yesterday my wife and I dashed off to ski therea lot, received positive charge at the rate of the day off, it took 465 UAH – this money is barely enough only for the tickets, “round trip” on a train to Slavske.

Getting to the ski slope Protasov Yar is very simple: you enter the metro station “National Stadium”, pass on the street Red Army in the metro “Palace of Ukraine” two blocks, turn right on the street Ivan Fedorov and then walk a few blocks until you pass under the railway. Continue your way right, this street has changed its name on the street Protasov Yar, and look to the left – here and will be required Stadium.